AGM (3)Virtual Congregation Song: In Christ Alone 

We all miss singing together as a congregation! Perhaps especially at the time of rejoicing in the Resurrection at Easter!
We would love to make another song video, but this time with as many taking part as possible to give us that feeling of togetherness.
No choir experience is necessary - if you love to sing and can find a way to record yourself and send us a video we would love to include you. Musicians too - we can use everyone - show us your hidden talents!

The important thing to know is that you need to be able to listen to the same track as everyone (so we all sing along at the same speed) using headphones, and record yourself on a different device at the same time. So perhaps you would play the song on a computer/laptop using headphones to listen while you sing/play along. And at the same time you would use your phone or a tablet on the camera's video setting to record yourself. **This is important because we only want to hear you, not the song you are listening to.** 

There are two options for the track we will use to sing along with:

1. you can sing along to this YouTube video - words are on the screen and the key and the tempo match the piano recording:
Stuart Townend: In Christ Alone with lyrics 


2. There is a piano with metronome recording which you can download as an mp3 to your device (not the device you will use to record yourself!)NB: It's not a great recording because the clicks were louder than piano and there's a few mistakes but timing and the key are all okay although the clicks do sound a bit funny!

You can follow sheet music here:
Lead sheet (guitar chords and melody)
Vocal Sheet (4 lines of music for harmonies (includes chords)
Lyrics (words only)

Note that we have a quick link (1 bar) between Verse 1 and 2 and double our usual length (8 bars) between 2&3 and 3&4, then we repeat the ending of verse 4 and slow down a tiny bit. It's worth listening through a couple of times before you record as the beginning of verse 2 can take you by surprise!

There are more tips on a few things to think about when doing your recording here: tips for virtual choir. They may sound complicated but the main thing is to think about what we can see on your video and to record in landscape instead of portrait! Do get in touch if you have any questions:

When you have done your recording, please upload it here using the video uploader or send via dropbox to Please don't send by email or messenger as they will compress the quality of the file.

We need recordings sent in by 22nd March to give us time to put it together for Easter Sunday.
It would be very handy to know how many to expect so please do fill in the form below to let us know you are keen: 


 I plan to sing
 I plan to play...
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