Staff and Leadership

As in any church, there are so many people involved in the week-to-week running of services, events and the care of its members that we couldn't possibly mention them all here, but we hope to give you a bit of an introduction to our church leaders and staff members on this page.
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Full-Time Elder   Teaching Elder
Iain Hepburn: sharing teaching responsibilities with our Teaching Elder and pastoral responsibilities with the full Eldership   Willie Harrison: sharing responsibility with the Full-Time Elder for the teaching programme
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Community Worker   Student and Family-Outreach Worker (p-t)
Mark Brown: full-time missionary to the area surrounding our church   Alex Perrett: co-ordinating work with the students in our church and supporting the work with families in our mid-week activities.
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Church Admin (p-t)    
Sally Pirie: handling communication from and within the church    

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Eldership   Deaconship
Kevin Binnie
Willie Harrison
Iain Hepburn
John Farrell
Andrew Innes
Bruce McLeod

Brian Pirie 
Rod Pirie 
Duncan Reaves
  Kenny Cheyne,
Jim Ritchie 

Mark Buchan,
Angus Smith

Craig Ferguson,
Samuel Scott

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