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Hello, I'm Alex and I'm the church intern at Hebron while I study at Cornhill Training Course.

Part of my role will be to co-ordinate Students@Hebron


Students@Hebron is our student ministry, and there is a lot going on – all of which is planned to help you grow, get to know and love Jesus better and to have him at the centre of every part of your life. We think that your student years are pivotal and we want to help you live them to the full. We think it is very important not to separate the students from the rest of the church family. One of the many beautiful things about the church of Christ is that we come from a variety of different generations, places, and backgrounds. So it seems silly to take away from that. One of the main roles of Students@Hebron is to help you get involved and use your gifts in our church family.

However, we also realise that being a student brings its own unique opportunities and challenges, so we run lots of stuff to help you make the most of this exciting time. 

So come along on Sunday, contact me via or keep reading...

Student Lunches
After the family service during term time, we share a delicious two-course home cooked meal, lovingly provided by families in the church. It is a great way to get to know the other students and other members of the church family, and provides opportunities to catch up on life, to encourage one another or discuss what challenged you from the teaching of God's word. 

Student Supper

The best way to end your Sunday and to head into a new week as a student! Join us for an hour after the Evening Service for some tea, coffee, and a wee supper while we look at the core fundamentals of the Christian faith in the New City Catechism. It will involve looking at one or two catechism questions, looking at relevant parts of the bible and a light discussion, as we understand more of what we believe as Christians and how that impacts your life as a student! We'll finish the evening with a time of praying in small groups. Click here to download the material for Student Supper.

One of the best ways you can grow in your faith is to study alongside other people – God graciously put us in a community of believers to do just that. We believe that discipleship is so important in the life of the church and someone in the church would love to regularly meet up with you to study the Bible, pray and help you to follow Jesus (and they may even treat you to food). Chat to Alex to find out more and to sign up.

Student Conference

Twice a year we host a conference for the students at Hebron and for those of other chruches. The purpose of these conferences is to spend a day looking at a part of the Christian Faith, and explore why it's not just some boring doctrine that only theology students need to know for essays, but how they make a huge difference to your life! In the past topics have included Union with Christ, the Incarnation an the Temple theme throughout the bible. The conferences this year are going to be held on the 15th December 2018, and the 30th March 2019. You can sign up to attend here!


If you’re new to Aberdeen, then welcome! We believe that you are not in this Granite City by accident or because you did well in your exams but because God has great plans for you and we can't wait to see how you grow in Him over the next 4/5 years.We would love to welcome you along to Hebron, to have you join our church family and get stuck in by serving God and others.When you come along for the first time, be sure to look out for a Fresher's Pack with some info about us at Hebron (and some goodies as well), just look out for Alex or the rest of the student team. You can also download a copy of the Welcome booklet here