John's Gospel

Morning Sermons from August 2019

Do not let your hearts be troubled
John 14:1–6
Willie Harrison, 02/08/2020
Love One Another
John 13:31–38
Iain Hepburn, 26/07/2020
Exposing the Traitor
John 13:18–30
Willie Harrison, 19/07/2020
John 13
John 13:1–17
Iain Hepburn, 12/07/2020
Unbelievable Unbelief
John 12:37–50
Kevin Binnie, 05/07/2020
Why the Cross is Glorious
John 12:27–36
Willie Harrison, 28/06/2020
Why Christ's Death is Glorious
John 12:20–26
Willie Harrison, 21/06/2020
Going with the Crowd
John 12:9–19
Willie Harrison, 14/06/2020
The Woman and the Thief
John 12:1-8
Iain Hepburn, 07/06/2020
One Man for the People
Substitution - both sides of the coin. John 11:45-52
Willie Harrison, 31/05/2020
Raising of Lazarus
John 11
Iain Hepburn, 24/05/2020
Confidence in Salvation in Christ
John 10:28; Isaiah 40:11
Willie Harrison, 17/05/2020
Accept or Reject the Evidence
John 10:22–42
Iain Hepburn, 10/05/2020
What Makes a Good Shepherd?
John 10:11–21
Willie Harrison, 03/05/2020
The Lord is My Shepherd - He Leads Me
John 10:1–10; Selfish Shepherds; The Selfless Shepherd; The Shepherd's Sheep
Kevin Binnie, 26/04/2020
Unblind to His Purposes
John 9; Purpose in the Blindness; Blindness to the Purpose; Made unblind by the Purpose
Derek Leith, 19/04/2020
True Disciples
sermon on John 8:31–58 from service on 22 March
Willie Harrison, 22/03/2020
Light of the World
John 8:12–30
Iain Hepburn, 15/03/2020
Messy Church - The Woman caught in adultery
John 7:53 – 8:11
Willie Harrison, 08/03/2020
Filled with Living Water
John 7:32–52 Confusion, Rejection, Belief.
Iain Hepburn, 01/03/2020
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