daily devotionalsWelcome to our church-wide daily devotional!
Each day we will post something from one of our church members - it can be a verse, passage, or truth that is ringing particularly true right now, or maybe someone's own testimony.
Let's continue to grow and encourage each other, even when we can't see each other physically.

Some will write, some will video it, and others we'll call and interview.
If this is something you feel like you could help us in, then email alex@hebronaberdeen.org.uk. 


 Degrees of Comfort

Romans 14-8 

Mark Shaw, 25/05/2020

Relying on Love 

The Lord watches over those wh 

Anne Parfitt-Rogers, 22/05/2020


Luke 24-52 

Brian Pirie, 21/05/2020

Crying Out 

psalm 107-6 

John Cameron, 20/05/2020

Why Did Jesus Pray? 


Willie Harrison, 19/05/2020

‘LET US’ leaves for lockdown salad! 

Let us draw near to God with a 

Matt Jack, 18/05/2020

I Wonder. 

I Wonder. (1)

Julia Pirie, 15/05/2020

The Glory of God 

john 11-40 

Willie Harrison, 14/05/2020

 My Life is in Your Hands

John 10 28.

Robert has suggested listening to the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir's version of 'My Life is in Your Hands'. Find link here.

Robert Riddell, 13/05/2020

Jesus Loves Me 

 see how he-2

Willie Harrison, 12/05/2020

Together We Can 

isaiah 52 

Sarah Earley, 11/05/2020

Fortress and Refuge 

Green and Grey Systems Analyst 

Priscilla and Rufina Rajendran, 08/05/2020

He's Calling for You 

“The Teacher is here,” she sai 

Willie Harrison, 07/05/2020

 An Interventionist God


Duncan Reaves, 06/05/2020

He Is 

He Is... 

Willie Harrison, 05/05/2020

Be Still and Know that I am God 

Be still and know that I am Go 

Sally Pirie, 04/05/2020



Esther Reaves, 01/05/2020

We Will Rise 

Add a heading 

Willie Harrison, 30/04/2020

The Dark Before The Dawn 

Now we see in a mirror dimly 

Rod Pirie, 29/04/2020

Jesus Himself 

john 11-25 

Willie Harrison, 28/04/2020

It's Time to Pray 


John Cameron, 27/04/2020

Bow Before Him 

(Click image for video too)

ephesians 3-16 
UPDATED hannah and kwame profi

Kwame Osei-Bonsu, 24/04/2020

So You May Believe 


Willie Harrison, 23/04/2020

Wisdom in Narnia 

Jesus wept. 

Abigail Smit, 22/04/2020

 Falling Asleep

anna painting 2 

Willie Harrison, 21/04/2020

When Things Don't Go Our Way 

catherine jack pic 

Catherine Jack, 20/04/2020

Rooted in Christ 


Kevin Binnie, 17/04/2020

He Knows 

let us go 

Willie Harrison, 16/04/2020

Satisfaction in Christ 

Matthew 5-6 

Beth Merson, 15/04/2020

Why the Delay? 


Willie Harrison, 14/04/2020

To the Mountains 

psalm 121 

Rebecca Binnie, 13/04/2020

No Wasted Days 

Not All Who Wander Are Lost 

Gillian Milne, 10/04/2020

For the Glory of God 


Willie Harrison, 09/04/2020

On Whose Strength? 

fiona chalkboard 

Fiona Buchan, 08/04/2020

This Is Not The End 

John 11-4 

Willie Harrison, 07/04/2020

Consider the Birds 

matthew 6-26 

Russell Gaunt, 06/04/2020

Practicing Petitioning 


Derek Leith, 03/04/2020

Constant Love of Christ 

willie quote pic 

Willie Harrison, 02/04/2020

Lift Up Your Eyes 

Lift up your eyes 

Angela Harrison, 01/04/2020

When Suffering Comes

John 11:1-3 


Willie Harrison, 31/03/2020

Imperishable Inheritance

 richard pic and verse. jpeg

Lisa Brown, 30/03/2020

Community of Faith 

Phil Moon, 27/03/2020

In Iieu of loo rolls

Jesus Christ is the samejpeg 

Kieran Pirie, 26/03/2020

Let there be flowers

let there be flowersjpeg

Alex Perrett, 25/03/2020

The greatest good
mark quote


Mark Brown, 24/03/2020