Thoughts for Sunday Evening

Evening devotions during isolation

Psalm 23:3
Evening Thought for 5 July
Iain Hepburn, 03/07/2020
Ezekiel and God's Predetermined Plans
Evening Thought for 28 June
Brian Pirie, 28/06/2020
An Angel Strengthened Him
Evening Thought for 21 June
Kevin Binnie, 21/06/2020
In the Presence of God
Evening Thought for 14 June
Duncan Reaves, 14/06/2020
He Leads Me
Psalm 23:2
Iain Hepburn, 07/06/2020
YHWH is My Shepherd
Thought for Sunday Evening
Iain Hepburn, 31/05/2020
It's OK not to be OK
Deuteronomy 31:8
Iain Hepburn, 24/05/2020
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Evening Thought for 17 May; Jeremiah 29:12–13
Iain Hepburn, 17/05/2020
Paul in Athens
Brian Pirie, 10/05/2020
Knowing, Hiding and Using the Word of God
Evening Thought for 3 May
Duncan Reaves, 02/05/2020
Our Eyes are on You
2 Chronicles 20:1–12
Bruce McLeod, 26/04/2020
Visitation of the King
Luke 19:37–44
Kevin Binnie, 19/04/2020
3. Thoughts in Isolation
Isaiah 61:1; Jeremiah 29:11
Iain Hepburn, 12/04/2020
2. Thoughts in Isolation
April 5 Evening message; Matthew 26:36–39
Iain Hepburn, 05/04/2020
1. Thoughts in Isolation
March 29 Evening message
Iain Hepburn, 26/03/2020
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