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Story Title

5th Jan 54 Israel Demands a King
12th Jan 55 Saul Disobeys the Lord
19th Jan 56 God Chooses a New King
26th Jan 57 David and Goliath
2nd Feb 58 The Ark of God
9th Feb 59 David the Psalmist
16th Feb 60 Solomon & the Temple of God
23rd Feb 61 The Kingdom is Divided
1st March 62 God provides for Elijah in Miraculous Ways
8th March 63 Elijah & the Prophets of Baal
15th March 64 Elijah is taken up to Heaven
22nd March 65 Elisha's Ministry
29th March 66 Naaman is Cured
5th April 67 The Fall of Israel
12th April   EASTER BREAK
19th April 68 Good King, Bad King
26th April 69 Jonah & Ninevah

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