For Families:
Follow along in your Bible at home, and with the Long Story Short Family Devotions




Story Title

1st Sept 41 Moses Disobeys God
8th Sept 42 God heals Israel with a bronze snake
15th Sept 43 Rahab helps
22nd Sept 44 Jericho Falls
29th Sept 45 Israel and Ai
6th Oct 46 God calls Gideon
13th Oct 47 Gideon's Victory
20th Oct 48 God gives Samson strength
27th Oct 49 Samson loses strength
3rd Nov 50 Ruth
10th Nov 51 God hears Hannah's prayers
17th Nov 52 God calls little Samuel
24th Nov 53 The God of Israel cannot be captured
1st Dec   nativity rehearsal
8th Dec   nativity rehearsal
15th Dec   nativity rehearsal
22nd Dec   nativity play

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